Content Management System

Times are changing

Early in our over 10 year plus history, we reviewed CMS' (Content Management Systems) and were disappointed. Open source and even paid for versions all had weaknesses. Often in usability & search engine optimisation.

As a result we made our own!
We even made a cut down version for our public sector contracts, where a low cost version was needed for business start-ups and clubs.

Octavo has served our clients well and now has it's place, since other options have matured.

Our goal is to supply the best website solution to suit our clients and present the best choices below. Offering one-to-one services, with meetings etc, or lower costs for those happy to communicate by phone and email.

As clients become empowered by technology and website creation becomes easier, we continue to offer the skills and knowledge where it matters.

Low Cost CMS Site Maker

Low Cost CMS Site Maker
£9.99 a month

Our offers a low cost option, for less than a £120 a year.

Suited to medium term requirements and low budgets. It offers promotional websites for business start ups and clubs, where content is the main focus. It's CMS tools make adjusting pages a breeze or we can complete the whole site.

All our services can be applied to create an amazing site, whilst our software builds the website.
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Open Source CMS Website

Open Source CMS Website
From £595, with customisation, or far less

Suited to the greatest proportion of clients, our preferred selection of open source solutions allow for a site to be created quickly and cheaply. We can create a site worthy of £50,000 to less than £1,000.

Whilst the designs available suit virtually any need, our experts can do more than just add your branding, if a unique design is required. Various plugins extend functionality, often for free, and there is even specialist themes for popular business types. Such as Estate Agents, Portals offering local resources, events jobs and classifieds.

As Open Source technology improves, we provide cutting edge and competitively priced options.
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Our own CMS

Octavo CMS
From £595

Suited to the clients who require a site for big business, custom programming for their business model or require us to have complete control over the software.

Your site is created as revamp of your current sites appearance, an off the shelf template or a new unique design. With a design process suited to your budget and requirements.

So far our programmers have adjusted the software to offer private and public sector clients with specialised sites. Such a 'Procurement Portals', 'Picture Framing Ecommerce', 'Membership Portals' and 'Vehicle Tracking Software', amongst many.

What ever can be imagined, can be achieved with our expertise and knowledge of the code we created. We can create a site worthy of £50,000 to less than £1,000.
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From first contact, via our contact form or a message on 0845 345 2572, a project manager will understand your needs and ensure you are presented with both the best solution and the development process to match your budget and preferences.

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Prices exclude VAT where applicable and are web offers (meetings and consultations additional)

Content Management?

A content management system (CMS) allows you to change the content on your website yourself without the help of a web designer.




Low cost sites for
£9.99 a month..

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