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The Photographer

The photographer will meet you at your chosen wedding location and will take photographs before, during and after the ceremony and then accompany you to the wedding reception at The Square in Sitges.

The photographer will take more photographs than requested so you can have a choice for your album. The photographer follows a set programme, however if you have any specific photographs that you would like other than what has been taken, please do not hesitate to ask as the photographers are very flexible and aim to please.     

The photographer will arrange to meet you the day after the wedding to show you the proofs. From these proofs you will need to select the chosen quantity booked in your package and these will be enlarged for your wedding album.


If you require any additional photographs apart from the ones arranged, or enlargements, this can be arranged directly with the photographer. You will also be given the option to buy all the proofs and/or CD. You can also choose to have your album accessible online for you, your family and friends to access and view at anytime.

The proofs will be left with you for a day or two, and then the photographer will collect the order, make it up and deliver your photographs and album back to your hotel/accommodation so you can put together the album of your choice.


The photographs will be delivered to you before you leave, however at busy times it could be late in the evening the night before you go home. You are certain to take home some fantastic photographs, which will make your Special Day even more memorable.


You can get an idea of prices for photagraphy packages by visiting the Wedding Shop.