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All wedding ceremonies are conducted in English. All paperwork and the Marriage Certificate will be issued in English and this is fully recognised in the United Kingdom.

Documents required are:

      1.   Passports: you must have a full ten year passport

      2.   Birth certificates: original copies are required

      3.  Statutory Declaration: must be completed and stamped by a lawyer verifying that you are free to marry and must include your name, address, passport no., your profession and who you intend to marry. These must not be more than 6 months old on the date of the wedding and for this reason these can be sent at a later date. NB. This document is called a Certificate of No Impediment in Scotland and must be no more than 3 months old.

     4.  Decree Absolute: if either party is divorced you will need to have the original document of the Decree Absolute with you. This must bear the official Court stamp.

     5.  Change of Name documents: if either party has changed their name from that shown on the birth certificate by either Adoption or by Deed Poll the originals of these documents showing the changes will be required.

     6. Death Certificate: if either party is widowed you will need the Death Certificate of the  deceased spouse.  

     7.  Two witnesses: with their passport details to sign for you. If you don't have any we will be more than happy to oblige.

IMPORTANT: all original documents must be brought to Sitges with you. Take care that Decree Absolute papers have official stamp (usually red) and are the final papers.

Please note: Sitges Weddings cannot be held responsible for any required documents that are incorrect, invalid or missing which will lead to cancellation of wedding.