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Email Marketing

Email Templates (from £99) and Newsletter Templates (from £99 to £500) can be ordered via our guide here

eMB mail (email marketing software)

There is a £4.95 monthly subscription charge to use the eMB mail system to send your emails (based on a 12 month contract).

You will need to add your subscribers and make the email messages you send.

Once subscribed you can start on any of our mail plans, depending on the quantity of email you wish to send each month. Subscription is by invitation and subject to application.


 Mail Plan

Emails Per Month Monthly Charge*

For a totally flexible service, customers are free to move up and down the mail plans every month.

 eMB Mail 1000

 up to 1000


 eMB Mail 2500

up to 2500


 eMB Mail 5000

up to 5000


We can also carry out the subscriber adding process, send messages for you (£50 an hour) and provide training.

Access to the "eMB mail" email newsletter system demo is here:
(username: clientdemo password: clientdemo).
We are currently testing the boundaries of our hosting environment.

*Fees and service availability subject to change
(No spam or inappropriate messages)

Newsletter and email marketing messages can be created on request, as part of our overall web and graphic design services (£50 an hour).

Email Templates (from £99) and Newsletter Templates (from £99 to £500) can be ordered via our guide here

Spreading the word

Waiting to be approached is not enough, proactively service your customers needs before your competitors do.


  • Generating interest
  • Building relationships
  • Developing loyalty
  • Increasing sales
  • Reaching new customers
  • Attracting feedback
  • Testing new ideas
  • seasonal messages


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