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Newsletter and email templates

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Newsletter Template

Do you need a newsletter template designed?

Design Format:

Typically a company's newsletter template will look similar to their website, with similar design elements flowing between both and imagery that can be easily changed on each send, to accommodate the subject matter.

Whilst both cannot be too large a file size, the newsletter is likely to have only a few moments to get the recipients attention, making impact and therefore simplicity the key.

Designing a newsletter or email template
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Should your newsletter have a header and footer similar to your website:

Your choice must be made before the development of your newsletter, as charges will be levied for changes later.

Some clients are unhappy to base their new designs on a dated website design

Do you want to redesign your website immediately, with your newsletter?

If no to both the above, how should the newsletter design differ from your website and current brand. What elements of design should be re-used?

Naturally our graphics team can generate all design concepts from scratch, for a competitive fee.


Newsletter content area explained
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Many email programs reject complicated layouts, displaying only one of the columns where a problem arises.

Subsequently, the messages subject matter (text and images) often decides how the content has to be displayed. Keeping it simple, high impact and easy to read, is the aim. The number of typical articles and news items being included in the message are likely to decide the layout.

On receipt of your content, in an email, we will advise on the best layout. Content will need appraised, with material of greater importance being given greater prominence. Please use this email address to send us any other material relating to this project.

If you are able to suggest your preferred "content layout" from the guide below, in line with your planned content, please advise:

Newsletter content layout examples
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Remember if your newsletter is likely to show various types of information, choose a complicated option

How complicated is your newsletters "content layout" likely to be?

If a newsletter needs to display a wide range of content, a message may be sent as a single image. This removes the risk that a HTML version is badly presented by the recipients email software.

The image however may be blocked by company's system and recipients will only open the message if they trust your virus protection measures 100%. It may also disappear, on being forwarded, if it is coded incorrectly. Naturally, if a newsletter is straightforward and in HTML, your company will be able to replace the content and re-send it at will.

Printable versions can be made, however research shows few recipients print such items and even less get around to studying them.

Email Templates

Do you need an email template designed?

Typically a company's email template will hold the company logo at the top and contact details and disclaimers in the footer (bottom area).

Email template example
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Do you want more than you logo at the top of your email template?

If additional design elements exist, they are minor and they match those use on company paraphernalia elsewhere.

Please tell us about any additional design elements, normally included with your brand, that we are to include:

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