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Enterprise Logo and Corporate Image

Getting the visual appearance of your business right is essential.

Logo and Icon

Your logo or icon often gives a potential customer the first impression of your company.

Every opportunity to help potential customers recognise your existence is invaluable, especially where space, on an advert for instance, is limited and their attention span is short. Many companies use a small symbol or icon to bring together their separate identities under their main parent brand.

Corporate Image

Your logo works with your colour schemes and design style to determine your corporate image and can determine how clients initially see your offering.

It is likely to effect how much your target audience are prepared to pay for your service or product. Subsequently it is worth investing in it. Our brief is often determined by the value of business your new logo and identity will create.

For a Medium Profile Company

This represents many small to large businesses who wish to promote and present their company professionally

  • A captivating style that attracts your target audience
  • A short draft process with progress displayed on your online clients area

With a Very High Profile Company

This solution is for companies who's regularly appear nationally or internationally on television and newspapers

Our senior designers are also utilised by our web team to evaluate a new clients internet presence, as well as by larger companies who wish to establish how the public is responding to their corporate image.

Images can be altered and manipulated by one of our specialist graphics team.

Professional photography is available via a freelancer we have on retainer.

If your logo or icon does not look professionally designed, it can do more bad than good.

Ask one of our design team for advice on your corporate image. Don't worry they won't bite. 0845 345 2572

Is a logo important?

Your logo or icon can often be the only part of your identity a potential client has time to notice.

Work Practice

Clients can monitor progress and choose between their logo drafts from their secure "on-line clients area"

Clients can monitor progress and choose between their logo drafts from within their secure on-line clients area