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Flash Interactive Media

  • Enhance your message!
  • Captivate the audience’s attention!
  • Draw attention to certain areas!
  • Impress the viewer!
  • Promote and link viewers to your site!
  • Demonstrate software features
  • Support customers with movies


Our creative team can create both Flash and Gif animations. Flash being suited to more complicated scenarios. Additionally we can mix film with animation by involving our film department HERE.

Animate your logo from £50

We can either animate your current logo or design and animate a new bespoke logo. Find our competitive logo packages HERE.

Animated advertising banners from £99

Banners that carry out your advertising message. Built with attractive animation, creative design and colourful images.

They can be used on your site, or other sites to promote your offering or a specific product or service. They can link directly into a page within your site. Example HERE.

Flash photo galleries from £50

Flash Interactive galleries that can accommodate your own images.

We can add all your photos in your photo gallery or you can save money and add the photos yourself via our content management system. Examples of the photo galleries we can offer are HERE.


Talking head (head shot of someone talking) and promotional MP4 Videos, can also be excellent for a website. If short, captivating and focused at what a viewer is there to find (
(what are MP4 videos and movies)

Promotional Films and Video services here

What You Can Do

For a custom quote or any questions please contact us: 0845 345 2572


Used correctly animation can draw your viewers attention to areas you want them to notice and links you want them to follow.

Animation Features

  • Flash movies
  • Animated gif's
  • Short movies
  • Promotional movies

Visit our showcase here