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Developing Your Systems

Many companies start by using Microsoft Office and maybe a simple accounting system as their only software. However, as the business develops requirements often change.

A simple accounting system may not be adequate for a business which needs complex sales invoicing and analysis. New systems may be required for sales and marketing, or for various business specific functions. It may be desirable to link in-house systems to a web site, to allow customers to place orders or communicate on-line.

Sometimes, for the best of reasons, developments are done in an ad-hoc manner, for example a quick fix may be required to a problem. However, the long term effect is often a fragmented IT environment, with staff spending considerable time re-entering or re-analysing similar data in multiple systems.

We can help you to develop your systems to meet business needs, and to integrate systems and manual procedures, so that staff are not wasting time in inefficient processes and work-rounds. Please contact us for an initial discussion without any obligation.

Whether you need us manage just a single project or the whole of your IT, we are at your service.

If you want to manage and develop your IT without the cost of an in-house employee, then why not contact us 0845 330 2550

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