Miss Uganda, UK 2006 - a challenge or a Joke?


By Vicky Kataike Babula

Organiser and Director of Afro Beauty Ltd


For the ordinary person, a beauty pageant is an event where you get to see beautiful girls strutting their stuff and to others it is simply a form of entertainment from the contestants - crying and all promising world peace!

To many of us Ugandans here in the UK it is a challenge in many ways to hold the Miss Uganda, UK event. We very nearly missed out on one this year for starters because there was no one willing to organise it due to the bad publicity it has generated over the past few years as a result of the mismanagement of the previous Miss Uganda, UK events. Hence, most organisations are not willing to sponsor this event at present.

However, Afro Beauty Ltd, the organiser of this year's Miss Uganda, UK, has a lot to offer.  It is impossible to keep a good thing down.  In view of the above, beauty pageants do help the contestants in many ways:

  • Career Exposure
  • Opportunities fpr personal development and empowerment e.g. building the girls confidence
  • Certificates of participation
  • Pictures for portfolios
  • Recordings of the event for personal viewings or even to show the grand kids one day
  • Fame
  • Scholarships
  • Monetary prizes
  • Other gifts and prizes

This list is inconclusive as there are many other benefits.

We agree that it is indeed a challenge to organise an event like this and so we will rise up to it. This is so because we look forward to seeing the Miss Uganda UK pageant become and annual event that we can all look forward to as a get together.

Be tough people. Donnot be put down or off but rise to our National challenge!