Contact Management System Full Features

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Setup and Support

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Web-based installation wizard
  • Default templates and website structure provided
  • Easy-to-use web interface

Design & Layout

  • Fully templated system, that allows unlimited templates for your site
  • Facility for 100% CSS design
  • Full support for images
  • Open access to page templates for more advanced design work
  • Manage the website, email and custom templates from the admin panel

Easy Navigation

  • Sitemaps are automatically generated
  • Menu “fly-out” navigation automatically generated
  • Choose to display a secondary folder menu
  • Breadcrumb navigation for easy browsing through the site
  • Integrated search facility and search page
  • Change your navigation; alter the look and feel and reorder the navigation
  • Change the menu colour, font, size, style, and much more

Publishing Facilities

  • Maintain your own website content
  • Add pages and folders easily
  • Edit, delete and un-publish pages
  • The fully featured WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor offers all major HTML editing functions such as text and paragraph tools, table creation and editing, undo/redo and image management
  • Manage images and file
  • Add web links and email emails
  • Create custom forms
  • Page locking to prevent concurrent editing of content
  • Restrict pages to members only
  • Moderate new content
  • Restrict editing rights for different admin groups

Management Tools

  • Change global settings for your site, including default page titles, and meta tags
  • Set your site to live or temporarily close it down
  • Choose from a range of management reports, that allow you manage the site efficiently
  • Version control allowing you to roll back to a previous page version if you make a mistake
  • Access for administrators can be restricted to a certain folder, allowing micro management of website content
  • Web publishing workflows, allow content to be moderated before it is made live on your website
  • Get email alerts when pages need moderating

Communication / Relationship Management

  • Publish, add, edit and delete news items, to keep your content new and fresh
  • Create newsletter templates and send to different types of newsletter subscribers
  • Allow website users to subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters
  • Generates search engine friendly web sites, allowing easy linking
  • Create links pages
  • Customise email templates
  • Create a document library, edit document meta data, allowing documents to be searched efficiently


  • Manage members, edit, add or delete their accounts
  • Create user groups with different levels of access
  • Create member pages, that are only accessible via a secure login
  • Create different levels of member access for each page
  • Option to requires your members to validate their email address before joining
  • Allow members to change their profile online
  • Members can unsubscribe from newsletters or delete their profile
  • Members join your site online automatically

Security & Access

  • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines
  • Define custom META tags and page titles
  • Search engine friendly URLS
  • Sitemaps are automatically generated
  • Site can be produced in XHTML code

Database and Platform Compatibility

  • Open source PHP code
  • Support for UNIX/Linux servers
  • Powered by MySQL database